Hideki's Songlist

Hideki's Songlist (In)frequently Asked Questions

About the site

Who are you?

Find it out at Who is Hideki Saito.

How can I contact you?

hide...@gmail.com. My OpenPGP Public Key is AFF2E40B.

Why this site?

It is really just for my own convinience, but just showcasing it for everyone to enjoy.

What's a system requirements?

Modern browsers should be able to display the site correctly.

About the listing

Why (some song name) is not on the list?

Because I can't or won't sing that song.

Why most songs are Japanese / anime songs?

Because that what I listen to the most.

Where can I download the song?

You can't. This site only provide music information.


Where is API?

Deprecated due to lack of use. There is a sitemap, so you can perhaps scrape it if needed, or use XML data below.

Is XML version of the list available?

Yes, the XML dump of the list is hosted at locally as well as on GitHub.

What's Tor, and how do I access to it?

This site is available through Tor. A hidden service access is available at songskie4y3owmkq.onion.

What's technology does it use?

Mostly: Additionally, it uses:

Will you be opensourcing the system?

I've already done that. Get the HSLBase under the MIT License. It is a static site generator so you should be able to roll your own easily.

How do I get started?

Check out the following page to get your tooling to get started tweaking the HSLBase.

Why .NET Core. Why not .NET Framework? Why not [some other random technologies]?


You have good taste of songs

Thank you.

You have bad taste of songs

Thank you.

Do you really sing these songs?


Don't you make people insane singing these songs?